I was walking home late one night when I heard a strange voice behind me. I was scared, but I didn’t turn around because I imagined that’s what you would’ve told me to do, had you been there.

When I was rejected by my first crush I felt horrible inside. Honestly I might have cried, I don’t know why, but I managed to keep it cool. I didn’t tell you, but I guess you knew anyway.

Before I stepped onstage for the school performance, I imagined you sitting in the crowd smiling at me. But of course, from the stage you only see blackness; but the thought of you calmed me anyway.

Somehow you’re always there when I need you. But a part of me can’t stop wishing that I’d been a better son. Everyone says it’s not my fault, but I think if I had loved you more, I would be able to remember how life was with you, before the accident. I wish I could remember your face. I don’t care that I lost my arm, I’d give all my limbs to just, at least, recall your smile or your voice. Or anything. I don’t care, I just wish you were here again 😦


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