How it is like: abstract and in progressions, but never straying too far from the subject matter. Occasionally tangents out but comes twisting back, closing the loop and conveying the message. Takes some thought to get to it though, and its not always comprehensible.

I don’t want to close my eyes

Even though mine eyes

Want the dvrkneth so bad

Because in the silence of my lids

Scream forth dazzling lights of shapes

And sounds I cannot recognize

But which cast a net deep into me

Strung of liquid fear, sewn with my own

Mental sewage

I am in the water (well, maybe)

My stillness separating me

From the many molecules of wet

Because beneath me

Between the make-believe bubbles

And budding whirlpools

There is an ending abyss (don’t they all?)

What worries me, though

Is the potential of tentacular contact

Or something remotely related,

Could be an encounter with different eyes

Not of the people sort, more aquatic maybe,

But too fishy to belong to the local marines

Marines. Hah.

I heard they’re still training,

Someone’s gotta create problems for them

Maybe they’ll come in helmets

With skins to prevent shearing

Though they mostly hang out in the grassy areas

With all the tree huggers and crawlers

And anything in between

Sheets of bark

Hark! Along comes a jumpity one

Lands on me and I’m gone


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