I crept silent into night

Out under the glowing moon

Shadows casted by its light

Mice a-squeaking in their fright

Blade of mine oh shiny steel

In the dark, you brightly glint

Sheathed once more in house of skin

Careful, I must not be seen


Boiling, pumping of the blood

The life in me is moving fast

Yet funny when you think it, see,

For I am looking for somebody

To free his soul eventually,

Unbound it from its fleshly grip

Tainted limbs and filthy sins

Dirty mind and cruel eyes

Who had no pity for my wife


Slowly, quickly!, I do creep

Till the house is plainly seen

Fire burning warm inside

Burning bright in two places right:

Both the dwelling of the sinner

And the heart of would-be killer

Sneaking up to corner window

Lifting wood and stone to follow

Easy in for easy out,

Breathing hard I deeply swallow


Unsheathed once more, blade of sorrow

Metal acting as a vessel

For the exit of his blood

Fluids, guts, fats and muscle

The man is there but not aware

Even as I coldly stare

Just a foot now from his chair

…Dozing off? Well I don’t care

Creepy is the haze of death

Swarming now from everywhere…


Slit his throat and yank his hair!

Choked awake his eyes did flare

Burning bright with fear and pain

As red came gushing from within

Knife to flesh now, yet again!

Stab him hard and cut him deep

Stomach open stuff a-spilling

Arms are limp but heart still beating

Very slowly, very weak,

Oh how soon now ‘fore it ceased.


Standing, breathing, waiting long

Soon enough the pulse has stopped

Still I stood there rigid still

To be sure he’d had his fill

Minutes, hours, who would know

Time had never felt so slow

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