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Good times are characterized by loopholes. Go ask anyone who lived during his time and they’d tell you that. He was the best at what he did. Contacted, and he’d have their sanity derailed in a few seconds. Of course all of this was possible back then… when doing the right thing and a legally wrong thing were not so much different. Some say he had a license, an actual laminated card with some important person’s signature on it. So when he was put in charge of Closed Zone, we all expected great things. The place was as good as unaccessible. Security was top notch. He once said something around the lines of: ‘Like a good trap, children would easily get hurt’. Something about how kids usually fall and scrape themselves but can go right on playing. I never understood that one… But then again I never did and still don’t understand what those bio luminescent souls were all about. Good people? Stronger? Just a well guarded secret, or drug, or technology. But when you think about it, it makes sense that they closed off the entire zone and surrounding areas. Even about a hundred miles off the effects could be felt. You’d know, you’d definitely know you shouldn’t have set foot there, cos even your gravity’s gonna be messed up. For our own good, eh? I guess some secrets keep us… safe.

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