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By some twist of fate, he’s seated opposite her, in a public place, and he cannot escape. She really wants to talk, has been trying to make this happen for so long, she won’t let the chance get away. He relents.

G: Just hear me out a bit.
B: …okay

G: I want you to be honest with your answers. Can you at least promise me that?
B: *sigh* Yes, alright

G: Do you think i’m pretty?
B: I… What-

G: Come on just be honest!
B: …Yes

G: Do you think I’m smart?
B: …Yes

G: Am I funny?
B: …Yes

G: Am I a good person?
B: From what I see, yes.

G: Is… is there something you find unpleasant about me?
B: …No

G: I don’t get it, then why won’t you like me?
B: I never said I didn’t like you.

G: No, you know what I mean. Why is it I can’t be your-
B: Because you’re not her.

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He couldn’t eat, he went straight to his bed and buried himself under the sheets, sobbing silently.


Hui Zhe was on his way home from school. As he exited the train station, he realized just how hungry he was.He took a detour through the shopping mall, intending to grab a bite. He slowed down his steps, gazing through the different fast food outlets. The queues weren’t that long, but… fast food? He walked past a stall selling fried foods and took a moment to look at what was on offer. Then he turned and walked to the bakery, taking in the smell of freshly baked bread. After a moment he decided perhaps he didn’t have to buy anything just now. Hardly ten minutes and he’d be home; there probably was food there. And out of nowhere, a strong feeling hit him. The feeling of being hungry, looking for food, looking at food,  but having not the money to buy any… neither was there the comfort of looking forward to having some at home.

His heart pounding, his mouth dry, Hui Zhe felt a wave of sadness flood through him. He stumbled out of the shopping mall, his breathing shallow and rapid. He walked briskly down the side road, crossed another, walked past some shophouses, up another side road, took a right and headed for the biggest terrace house at the end of the row. A neighbour who was driving out was puzzled to see this boy’s face wet with tears.



I’m staring at the blank page, digging through my brain for the seed of a thought that will grow into a story. I’m clueless, my mind’s almost a blank. I have NO idea what I want to write yet I have to write.

I’ve heard that the hardest part is always starting and boy, that ain’t a lie.

As I stare at the white space my eyes start to forget that I’m looking at something. Despite my open eyes my vision melts away, neither seeing nor empty. My mind drifts away to other thoughts, replaying the day’s events. I imagine different outcomes to things that happened and let my thoughts roam.

Then I look to the page and realize it isn’t blank anymore.

But what’s written is pointless, so I highlight it all and delete it. Blank again.