There was a man who lived in a cottage deep in the woods, where the trees grew thick and the sun barely came through. Not too far away was a stream, with water cool and clean and fishes aplenty. The ground was fertile and he had a few crops and some chickens. The man lived life the old way, doing everything by hand, doing everything the hard way. He loved his life and enjoyed the solitude. There was never a disruption to his pattern, and never was he dissatisfied. This carried on till he grew so old that his spine was no longer straight. At this point he decided to hike out and see the world as he had left it a long time ago. And so he made preparations, packing some food, clothes and fashioned a sturdy new walking stick from some good wood. The next day he set out at dawn, and took as few breaks as he could bear. It was at least an hour before sunset when he emerged from the woods… and saw how things around him had changed, so much.

‘Shit,’ he exclaimed under his breath.

And then he died of shock.


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