1: So aren’t you gonna do anything about it?

2: I told you mom, I’ve got enough on my hands. This is just an unwanted headache.

1: Surely you’re not gonna leave it just like that??

2: Yes, I am!

1: Huh!

2: I told you Ma, its just not who I am. I’m a pacifist, ok? I don’t do all this – well whatever it is – you expect me to do.

1: You listen here, young man. Do you have any idea how much your father and I work just so you-

2: Why don’t YOU listen for a change! Its not like I’m totally cool with it. No! Its been bugging me from the start, it always bugs me, and I can’t take it! Here I am trying not to screw up, but everything is falling apart; the least you could do is tell me I’m right. Is that really so much to ask for?

1: What, like telling you ‘you’re right’ will solve things?

2: You see, you just don’t get it!

1: What is there to get!!

2: How I feel!!! Every-

1: And what about my feelings, huh?

2: …

1: …

2: Well you know what?

1: …what

2: …I th-… well

1: What.

2: Well I think. You. You… well I think you should just fuck off.

1: WHAT?!!

2: Yeah you h-



*storms out of the house

1 stands there, eyes wide, breathing hard, figuring out how to react.


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