Might be gross, discretion advised.

We were looking for something small that went missing, when we detected movement in one of the canvas bags. That wasn’t something any of us expected so I think you can forgive us for choosing to ignore it the first time round; many strange things happen here, most of which do us no good to pay attention to.

But then the movement was back, furious, and I had to check.

I opened the bag and there was a…kitten. But it was not a normal kitten. For some strange reason, that kitten had crawled into a box of tissues, and somehow poked its head and four legs out of the box. It looked like the tissue box had replaced its body.

And I was more right about that last statement that I had hoped to be; by some chance, the box and tissues had somewhat melted all around the kitten, making separation an extremely impossible-seeming task.

The kitten looked to be in bad shape so we tried and managed to drip water into its mouth. After awhile though, I felt we really had to get the kitten out of the box.

I had with me a pair of tweezers. After a moment of getting my nerves together, I went ahead to peel away the layers of the tissue box.

But as I was pulling away the first ‘layer’, the entire box broke in half. At first I thought I had made unexpected progress. Then I saw that the head and two legs were attached to one half of the box, and the other two legs in the other half. It was after a full second that what had just happened hit me and I yelled out in shock and pushed away the broken body and ran out of the room.


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