Jeremy came home and he didn’t wanna talk, I said hi but he told me to shut up, a door slammed, he locked himself in, I went to knock and stopped when I heard crying from within, I bit my lip then knocked and waited but nothing happened so I went back out, the front door was open, I closed it, saw his shoes, caked in mud with splotches of red, he was outside sobbing, said he killed a cat, I didn’t know what but then there was blood, sat him down and told him to talk but the cops were at the door, I barely had time to tell him anything he was off running, I hit the cop who had come in, floored him then his partner pounced on me, I heard something crack and there was shooting pain, then I heard a shout and Jeremy was standing there with a gun, he fired and the cop jerked, I pushed his bleeding corpse off, told Jeremy to get our stash, didn’t know what kind of shit he’d gotten us in but I didn’t wanna stick around to find out, we made it out the back, my side was hurting like crazy, I yelled after him, what cat?, he didn’t look back just kept running, we wanted to get away from whoever would chase us, but how do you run from yourself, when the ghost of the past has clawed himself into your mind, always there, you’re running in circles, there was no Jeremy, I never did crack, so if these memories aren’t mine, whose past am I reliving


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