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they made a computer and gave it ai. they programmed every single aspect of its behaviour, gave it emotions and reactions, scripted thought and responses. every single possibility that could happen was accounted for in code. and when that AI came to life, its very creators were amazed by it. it seemed so alive… it Felt alive. and perhaps the scariest part was, it did not want to die. it was like an actual person in a case of metal. some of them actually believed the AI had gained self-awareness. but at the end of the day, they were just fools. the AI wasn’t alive. it was simply picking responses according to the stimuli. sadly, and the greatest irony of it all, was that not everybody realized that. but is it so hard to believe that man can be so foolish…?



they killed all those damaged people but despite the protests, no one really could say honestly that they were deeply affected. there wasn’t a void because of their absence, there was nothing missing from their lives. they either grudgingly accepted or maintained their humanitarian front, though there were still a small number who Were genuinely hurt. but they were a small group, so nobody cared.



This post might be scary, it might seem like nothing now but then comes back to haunt you at night, when you’re alone, when you’re in an unfamiliar environment, or when things just don’t feel quite right. It is your choice what you do next.



He couldn’t sleep at night because there was something under his sofa and it kept whispering his name.

Once he was hungry at night but when he stepped into the living room he saw something small lying on the dining table, singing softly to itself.

Sometimes it wasn’t his reflection that stared back at him. Sometimes his reflection stared at him even when he wasn’t looking at the mirror.

One late night he had to go to the bathroom. He switched the light on and just caught a glimpse of something dark sitting on the toilet, smiling at him. Before he could blink it jumped up and hid near the big plumbing pipes that ran the length of a corner of the bathroom. It has stayed there since, always watching him.

He was leaning against a wall when someone tapped his shoulder.

Sometimes at dusk his house would suddenly have a strong fragrant scent.

He is woken up sometimes by snoring from the other room, but he doesn’t do anything because he lives alone.

He doesn’t run away, nor does he look for a new place. Maybe he is numb, maybe he is always on edge. We won’t know because we haven’t met him. But he doesn’t do anything because he can’t; they follow him everywhere, he is a magnet to the mischief and evil that they leak and drip with every cringing step they take towards him.



Kathmandu what kathmandoes
Batman do what batman must
Bad men do what bad men want



You see his tattoos and piercings,

But you don’t see how he lies awake in the middle of the night. Crying, begging God to cure his mother of her painful illness.


Everybody knows he is a grumpy man with a nasty mouth,

But nobody saw him put out a bowl of water for a thirsty stray.


He cheated people, stole and beat his wife and children,

But he held a door open for an old man to slowly shuffle through.


There is some good in everyone, however small it might be. Help one another be good; be patient, kind and loving to one another.

Now post something encouraging or nice, for whoever or everyone.