I step into the gym and the bars and weights and benches are usually like they were the last time. The olympic bar is still 20kg; no change there. The squat rack stands quietly at the corner. I pick up a 5kg dumbbell and it feels light. It used to be quiet a weight in my scrawny hands. I’m not big now but wow this 5kg feels light. In my head I’m telling the dumbbell ‘Man, you’ve gotten lighter!’ and it replies ‘No, I never changed, you’ve gotten stronger’ and the conversation in my head probably stops there.

The 20kg plates will always be 20kg plates and I know how many to add for what exercise. I can always count on the weights, they never let me down. They sit at their spots waiting for me to pick them up. I’m the only one who changes, a different person every time I step into the gym.

The weights never let me down. I enjoy being in their presence. I hope they enjoy my presence too, even though I can’t stay the same. I hope I’m not a hypocrite. I enjoy being able to count on them, I really do, I hope they stay that way always.


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