1: I’ve only agreed to this meeting out of what little respect I have left for you. You got five minutes go.
2: Okay, I understand, and thank you. It’s simple: we want you back on the team.
1: I thought I told you no, two years ago.
2: That was two years ago. Now we’ve got a high-stakes operation unlike ANY we’ve seen. We NEED all the good men we can get.
1: I haven’t changed my mind. It’s still a no.
2: Come on, consider what’s on the line here. We NEED all th-
1: LOOK man, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m NOT a good man. In fact right now I’m straining every FIBRE in my being to keep myself from FLIPPING THIS GODDAMN TABLE IN YOUR FACE
2: Whoa, whoa, okay. Jeez… Man I know what happened at-
1: You know NOTHING so stop pretending. 
2: Alright, alright! Just take it easy man, I’m only here to talk.
1: Well, you’ve spoken, now get the hell out of my face. Go away and don’t come back. As a matter of fact, I don’t need you or your kind around, so tell EVERYBODY back at base to take their wishes and shove it up their behinds.


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