1: Excuse me sir, you’re not allowed to drink at the station. Please follow me sir.
2: Follow you where?
1: Please just cooperate and follow me, sir.
2: What, you’re gonna fine me?
1: It’s an offence, sir. The rules are clear.
2: Dude I was just taking a swig of water. My mouth was dry!
1: Sir please don’t waste my time
2: *stands up and stands face to face with the man* Look, do you really feel it’s justified to fine me $500 for taking a mouthful of water? That’s ridiculous. There’s two ways this can play out. One, you give me a warning and leave, and we both come out of this in one piece. Two, I break your face. I’ll probably get into more trouble, but think about it. Your face will be messed up for ever and every time you look in the mirror, you’ll remember me. So what’s it gonna be.
1: You know… I think you missed out the other option.
2: And what would that be?
1: The one where I break your face.


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