Monthly Archives: March 2014


Sometimes people get so caught up and stressed out by work. Does work matter? Of course, but at the end of the day… The sky is dark. Well actually that depends on which part of the world you’re at.

Oh and about the stress. Uhm, you could uh… Well…

Ok no seriously. Try this:

1: look at the sky. Appreciate how vast in is, and how insignificant you are compared to its size. Your problems are also much smaller than you, if only you pause and reflect.

2: smile. Make yourself smile. Take it a step up by smiling at somebody. You might not be happy but how cool is it that you’ve made someone a little happy?

3: say thank you for all that you have and ask for the strength to overcome what you’re facing. Some people ask God, others nature or perhaps they look in themselves for strength. Whatever works for you.

Now go kick some but/but’s (huehuehue)

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