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With those hands you sin,
Those same hands you hold up to the sky;
Asking, begging, praying for forgiveness.

Will you not reach a time when,
You know without a doubt,
And your actions are in alignment;

That those hands must only be used one way.
That the weight of one deed is far greater
Than the darkness of the other.
That it is disgusting,
And a sign of ungratefulness,
To make unclean those hands.

Sacrilege, sin, impurity;
Piety, humility, purity;
They cannot coexist, they cannot mix.

The path is forked
But the choice is one.
To straddle them both
Is a third path, to doom.

There is no choice to make,
For there is no doubt.
Take action
Hold fast
Stay firm

Go, and do not return.

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