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I see the love behind your hatred

Your smile, your frown, not that different

I look at you through coloured eyes,

You stare at me, I start to cry.

There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing

There’s something strange about your thinking

The biggest joy about it all

Is none will miss us when we’re gone.


One coffin, 

One funeral,

One death.

Our loss their gain who are we but one the same

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Rain or shine,

Winter time;

All is mine,

Every dime.

Keep the fingers

Far away,

Any closer

Do not stray.



I have always loved kids and thankfully they love me back. Needless to say, I was extremely pleased to be working as a teacher, in a primary school full of wonderful and beautiful little kids. 

Now as much as they are adorable, children can be quite a handful too. I’ve had my fair share of tantrums, disrespect and stubbornness, but have managed to keep my cool. It takes time but I think I’ve learnt to manage my feelings and respond in a calm and appropriate manner. Merely reacting would be less than ideal.

One day at school though, a wild thought crossed my mind. It came from nowhere but settled quite nicely in my head, where it burrowed deep and occupied my attention. It was a simple question: What if?

And so I waited, and something happened. A student of mine pushed his classmate, and laughed a wicked laugh. When he turned and saw me looking, he immediately pretended to help his friend up, with a sudden look of concern.

I went up to him, yanked him by the collar, and lifted him up. By the collar. Then I slammed him into the ground, twice, before walking away. 

It didn’t take long before some colleagues confronted me, and I showed them no mercy. I smashed my fist through their faces, kicked them in their stomachs, hurled them into benches. I wasn’t angry, just tired from all that movement. They came at me again and I kept beating them up until finally someone managed to subdue me.

It was a good day.

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