Pull and trouble my soul
On a crystal night
These silent creeping fears

As the widow lights
These candles with her tears

Evil in the soul, stay, rot, don’t show
But the forked tongue licks the sky
Hiding in the shame of the light and rain,
These demons run afree

Fight the voice that preaches loud in your ear,
Turn in and feel the sear
Blinding light brings numb of sight
But in this blindness everything’s clear

Fright of mine is fuel to the taunting flames
As in myself I run away.
Abandon hope and cast aside thought,
Succumb to the overwhelming seed of dark

We touch the stars
Through windows of time and years of space,
This body has gone to waste

Unburden my being
Pray, unhinge the gates of pain!
Bathe me in its numbing grip
In its totality I seek escape


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