Man: Uncle, I need advice.
Old Man: What is it?

M: I really can’t stand my job anymore, I want to quit but I don’t know if I’ll be making a huge mistake.

O: Hmm… Ok, tell me this. Be honest, now. What does your heart wish I’d say?

M: That… I should go ahead and quit my job.

O: Ah yes. That would be the easy option and the hard option.

M: What do you mean?

O: Easy because it would lift a big burden off your chest, at least in the short run. You won’t have to go back to that place that you dislike, to do work that you hate and be with people whose company you dread. But it is also hard because what then will you do for sustenance after? If you don’t have another job or source of income, you’ll find yourself getting stressed out and things can go bad from them.

M: You’re right… So I guess… I guess I need to look for a replacement, and once I have it secured then I can safely quit.

O: That makes sense to me. What is today’s date?

M: 3rd of March.

O: Put in your letter of resignation. Leave on the last day of April.

M: Huh??

O: Yes, you heard me.

M: But I thought…?

O: Stop thinking and start doing. Go and look for that replacement now. And if you don’t put in your letter, I’ll make sure you get fired.

M: Wait! But…!

O: REPLACEMENT. Now. Go, you’ve got this. *smiles warmly*

M: I… I got this. Ok. *breathes deeply* I got this. I’ll go. Thank you.


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