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Verily, the calamitous winds of a hurricane are oft essential to stir the basal ingredients for brilliance, which would otherwise lay resting, undisturbed, unfulfilled, in the depths of the human spirit.

It is the uncalm and pain that drives a stake through the heart of debilitating restfulness, thus forcing outward and away the poisons of untamperedness; gasping and in great shock, will the senses then flare and the cogs move. This wild ecstasy of intellectual and creative awareness may not be compensation for the quite non-disturbance thus lost, but it is certainly a step towards our proper usage of the Life that we are blest with.

This is not that which you can comment upon nor opine for it is the Truth. Anyone who boldly speaks out against it is deemed an enemy to the Program and death will descend swiftly upon his condemned being.

Excerpt from The Words of the King, date unknown.



so quietly he sits
the gaze is seaward
sunrays glisten on feather-soft skin
that gloweth like flames.
so clean and pure,
his presence lifts the haze
so soft his touch,
that barely ripples
the elixir in his flask
as mouth and metal meet at least
to moist his lips a little
the kiss so tender
the metal cries, for
it yearns to feel his gentle caress
the touch of a person
who loves from the soul
doth much to shrink the burden
of things living or not

and so sits the child
so innocently perched
as he peacefully gazes seaward



The room was completely sealed off and dark, and even after a half hour my eyes had trouble adjusting. The other men kept chanting loudly, and I would feel their swaying. The rustle of fabric as it brushed me at constant intervals, and the whole feel of movement. I wasn’t so loud anymore, as it finally struck me clearly what we were trying to do. 55 men around a corpse, invoking the devil himself to aid in our task. But what task? I felt stupid for not knowing, nor questioning when told to come along. Like some dumb dog I just followed their instructions.

Adrenaline, excitement, pulsing, I stopped chanting but tried to observe instead.
Smells. Sounds. The hot air and something else.

Then without warning, lightning flashed! But how?! There were no windows. Twice, thrice! Then I noticed that in the momentary brightness, the body had started to move. First its arm just flung itself aimlessly. Then the body squirmed. More violently! Until it finally jerked off the floor, flailing like a cloth fluttering in the wind. By now there was a faint bluish glow in the room, though it was still hard to see clearly. Then darkness again. Pitch black.

The corpse started moaning, in low, unearthly tones. I could hear its limbs flapping against the floor as it jerked and twisted. Then without warning…! A clammy hand grabbed my ankle and yanked hard! I yelped and fell awkwardly, struggling to get back to my feet. I screamed as the hands pulled me some more, and a shaking body collapsed on mine.



1: What happened to you, you’ve changed…

2: I never changed. You just never knew me.



We were asked to go out to the village to collect data on the virus’ effects. They told us that 5 new deaths were reported, and we were running out of time. As far as I was concerned, anything that would get me out of that claustrophobic lab was a welcome adventure, risk, whatever.

‘We’ll go out, interview a villager each besides the usual quick-run collections, and meet back here in half an hour,’ the captain briefed us. Half an hour was short; but we were trained to work fast. I didn’t expect it to be a walk in the park or easy on me to say the least, but the horror that was the village struck me like a sledgehammer. Over by the woods, rotting, broken bodies were strewn about. The graveyard was full and the villagers didn’t have the strength to dig anymore.

Too many deaths, too fast.



He was forced out to the streets,
In less than a heartbeat
The pavement his seat
From now till eternity!

He huddled still closer,
As the dogs came over
Thank God he was not sober
How frightening that would be!

He lay helplessly,
He did not break free
He thought miserably
‘This must be the end of me!’

As the dogs pulled at him,
Biting with vigour and vim
He knew his chances were slim
Eternity had left on a whim!



He walked briskly down the dark streets, half-intentionally trying to drown the sound of his sniffling by dragging his feet as he walked.

Scrape, scrape, scrape.

His hands were shoved deep in his pockets, balled fists; ironically, he had just made the decision to let go. In his guilt, insignificant noises of the night seemed to resemble her voice. All around him, it seemed, she was talking, sometimes laughing, occasionally whispering. But he could not stop. He would walk into the night, hoping that every step would bring him further from his feelings.

He knew that would never happen, she was his everything. But it was okay, he was never worth anything, anyway.