“don’t you find that they are difficult people? they don’t want to integrate with everybody else,”

“excuse me? are you really saying that? firstly, these people, right there at that corner, they are my friends. our (friends). we like them. no, love. and they love us too. and so if we’re truly friends like that then we respect one another for who we are and we understand and support each other. we’ve all got our different responsibilities and codes of conduct, that’s human, and we respect that. so we make it easy for them, we do what we have to do, cos we’re true friends.

“now honestly if it wasn’t any one of them, we’d probably do the same but it won’t come as effortlessly. and really, before we met them, we didn’t care for their kind. might have hated them. but now we have respect. we met them and we learnt and we understood so now there’s respect, at least that.

“that’s community. we stand by each other and give and take. you don’t know what they’ve given and given up for us, and i don’t know what perspective you’re speaking from, but your words are poison. it’s when people say callous and unintelligent things like that that trouble brews. don’t talk like that again. you hear?”


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