1: What would you do if you found someone stuck at the bottom a well?

2: A well? Like… water, from that place, well?

1: Yes, well.

2: Uhm… ask him if he needs help?

1: Do you think he might just be hanging out at the bottom of a well, then?

2: Araknow! People are weird like that?

1: Fine. But let’s say you do the normal thing and help him out. Makes sense?

2: Uh-huh.

1: When a person commits a mistake it’s the same as having fallen into a well. So what do we do for that person?

2: (looking in the distance, jaw set, eyes ablaze, clearly thinking of someone or something) Then we leave them there to die and rot and go to h-

1: Okay I think that’s enough for today!


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