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A dying person approaches death.

To be dying one must first be alive.

Every living person is dying; time is relative, yet even we can’t give an estimate to when death will meet us. 

But to be living one does not need to be dying inasmuch as darkness is the absence of light and therefore exists conditionally. 

If the dark can get brighter… Then can the dead get lifer?



1: hey man how’re doing, we haven’t spoken in ages
2: yo!! I’m good man, how bout you?

1: I’m doing good man, thanks. Listen, you still live in the east right?
2: yeah same place, what’s up?

1: ah my workout buddies have got us a space somewhere there, and we’ve got enough cars to travel there once a week. I was thinking you could join us since it’s near your house and would be easier given your busy schedule
2: oh that strongman group you’re with? Haha thanks for the invite man, but I’m not at all strong!

1: no man that’s not the point. The point is having a good friend around, that’s all. I really miss the good old days back in school.
2: Aw man bro, that’s such a nice thing to say. Hey you know what, since you put it that way, I’ll make it happen. You’re right those were good days, so I guess now we’ve got better days ahead.

1: sweet!! Awesome man, I’m excited already. I’ll text you again with the address. We train Fridays 8pm.
2: right, yup, I still remember. Sure thing. I’ll bring my son down too if he’s free. Catch you soon buddy.

1: perfect! Alright you take care man.



Who would’ve guessed,

That the child who was teased,

For a face he didn’t choose,

Yet received lots of praise,

For a mind he didn’t create,

Would grow up to be,

A person we’d all hate.


If he wasn’t teased,

Nor just praised but nurtured,

Then maybe that child,

Would understand that life,

As painful as it is,

As strange as we find it,

As unpredictable as can be,

Is actually full of hope.

And love, and goodness,

And people who are kind,

Helpful and supportive.

Then maybe that child,

Would’ve turned out differently.

Maybe that child,

Is still inside him,

Maybe this man,

Can still be saved.



For an integer x that is a multiple of integer a, such that:

x = ay, where y is also an integer,

Then x multiplied by any integer k will always be a multiple of a because

xk = xay = a(yx)

Therefore if you’re confused then I’ll simplify it for you and just say I’m sorry, you were right, I should’ve listened.



I drive better than I walk or run. I use a machine better than my own body. An extension of me… yet I am awkward as me. I am precise on the wheel, with the controls, flipping switches and checking dials, but when it comes to just thinking and doing, I feel resistance. Something does not… click.

That is my fate, but that is our destiny. Sooner than later, we will be better at that which we were not born with. Our bodies will begin to shrivel and suffer, whilst our metal exoskeletons achieve greater and greater things. What is left then? The mind? But how can the mind be healthy when its shell is neglected and damaged?

No… not so bright. We’ll be minds, in machines, enjoying and killing time as we kill ourselves. Who, but an insane person, would want to kill time… every second lost is irrecoverable. Every second past has us a second closer to death.

No… we don’t care. Immediate gratification, what we can’t see can’t hurt us. The ostrich doesn’t actually bury its head in the sand but maybe we started telling ourselves that so we’d feel okay about doing it.

Rotting brains in dying bodies, cushioned in shiny machines that move when we want to move, feed us, and most importantly, entertain us. Welcome to the party at the end of the world!



2 friends bump into each other, concidentally they’re wearing the same shirt.

1: Hehey same shirt!

2: Yeah man! You look good in that shirt!

1: Heheh thanks!

2: But I make this shirt look good.

1: So unnecessary bro… Come on let’s take a selfie.

2: Wait, I thought you didn’t like taking photos?

1: No I don’t, I just thought it’d make you happy. You’re my friend after all…

2: Hahaha ok I guess I appreciate that. Come on selfie then it’s coffee on me.

1: …aaaand I know how to get free coffee from people.

2: Dude we totally just sounded like a couple… And there’s Sarah right there.

1: What, you think she’d be jealous if she overheard our conversation?

2: Noooo but… I’d rather have coffee with her ok bye catch you later!

1: Wait, wha-? *runs just ahead of his friend* Oh hi Sarah! We were about to get some coffee, why don’t you join us? In fact, don’t limit yourself to coffee, get anything, he’s paying. *smiles widely*

3: Oh hey! Yeah sure I’ll join you guys! But really a coffee will do, extra milk and extra sugar please. By the way nice matching shirts guys, I totally suspected you two were a couple. 

1: Yeah… A couple of hunks!

2: Oh God you didn’t… *smacks forehead*

1: Also, no, we’re not together. Also also, my friend here REALLY likes you. Ah my coffee’s here and oh look they’re paging for me. You guys have fun bye!

2: Um… You uh… The coffee is…

3: Hahahahahaha loosen up! I was totally kidding about the couple thing… And I knew you had the hots for me since day 1. Come on let’s go sit down. 

2: Wait, day 1 was just yesterday…

3: Mmhmm…

2: Wow you’re good. Ok let’s go, two seats over there.