2 friends bump into each other, concidentally they’re wearing the same shirt.

1: Hehey same shirt!

2: Yeah man! You look good in that shirt!

1: Heheh thanks!

2: But I make this shirt look good.

1: So unnecessary bro… Come on let’s take a selfie.

2: Wait, I thought you didn’t like taking photos?

1: No I don’t, I just thought it’d make you happy. You’re my friend after all…

2: Hahaha ok I guess I appreciate that. Come on selfie then it’s coffee on me.

1: …aaaand I know how to get free coffee from people.

2: Dude we totally just sounded like a couple… And there’s Sarah right there.

1: What, you think she’d be jealous if she overheard our conversation?

2: Noooo but… I’d rather have coffee with her ok bye catch you later!

1: Wait, wha-? *runs just ahead of his friend* Oh hi Sarah! We were about to get some coffee, why don’t you join us? In fact, don’t limit yourself to coffee, get anything, he’s paying. *smiles widely*

3: Oh hey! Yeah sure I’ll join you guys! But really a coffee will do, extra milk and extra sugar please. By the way nice matching shirts guys, I totally suspected you two were a couple. 

1: Yeah… A couple of hunks!

2: Oh God you didn’t… *smacks forehead*

1: Also, no, we’re not together. Also also, my friend here REALLY likes you. Ah my coffee’s here and oh look they’re paging for me. You guys have fun bye!

2: Um… You uh… The coffee is…

3: Hahahahahaha loosen up! I was totally kidding about the couple thing… And I knew you had the hots for me since day 1. Come on let’s go sit down. 

2: Wait, day 1 was just yesterday…

3: Mmhmm…

2: Wow you’re good. Ok let’s go, two seats over there. 


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