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A pupil makes an inappropriate noise during a crucial point of a lesson. Some well-behaved classmates are praised for their attentiveness.


The teacher looks him in the eye with a firm but not angry look.


He is ignored.

And again.


“Teacher why are you ignoring me?”

The teacher stops, faces the boy before speaking.

“You are important to me but I don’t have time for such misbehaviour,”

The pupil is quiet, struck by those first few words. How could someone like him be important to anybody?

The teacher



Whatever happens, the key to keep people together is that before they say or act they must think:

After this can I still look them in the eye, smile from the heart and say hi?

As long as we don’t tip that balance then all is good. 



Hey you,

It’s me.

It’s true,

I’m free.
Just wait,

You’ll see.

You’re dead,




We’re at an expensive restaurant for their expensive buffet cos it’s his birthday.

So my grandpa pulls me aside 

“Hey I know you don’t like buffets and you know what you like and stick to it. I know that, and it’s fine. You can eat whatever you want, however much or little and it’d be fine with it,”

“But grampa, mommy said it’s expensive…”

“So what if it is? It’s my birthday and you’re here, that’s good enough for me. And remember, your happiness is worth so much more than any amount of money,”

He winks and gently slaps my arm, and I stood there smiling, liberated, happy, sure I could take on anything.