I got up to leave when this fella came up to me.

“Hey man, how you doing?” he asked.

“I’m great man, thanks for asking,”

Clearly it must’ve shown on my face that I didn’t know this guy, and was just replying out of courtesy.

“Don’t you remember me man?”
“I’m sorry, no. Where did we meet?”
“Duuuuude how can you not recognise me?! Aw man that’s just cold… I can’t believe it! After all those years man…”

Don’t waste my time.

“Look, are you gonna just stand there and feel sorry for yourself or are you gonna remind me of how we know each other,” I said, firmly but not angrily.

“Okay yeah chill. We went to the army together,”

“I was never in the army. Looks like you got the wrong guy, man. Haha!”
“Wait no, seriously? You’re Umar, right?”
“Yeah no, I’m definitely not Umar. Like I said, you got the wrong guy. I’m gonna go now, you have a nice day alright. And stop being such a whiner,” I said as I flashed a big smile and turned to leave.


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