I wish I knew how to truly love. To declare, through my thoughts and actions, that I love someone, and when people see or hear it, they’d believe it and feel it.

I want to be so in love that I cannot do anything that I knew would displease or sadden the one whom I love.

I want to feel a yearning and ache in my heart so strong that nothing in this world can truly pacify me, that there will always be a gaping hole in my heart.

I want to feel what they felt, when they put their lives on the line in the blink of an eye. When they gave up everything they had for God and His Messenger.

I want for him to at least recognize me when he sees me, and if he smiles then I’d melt.

I want to behave in a way that is appropriate to all the blessings and mercy that He has shown me.

I want to be amongst those who are gathered with him, because he is the door that leads to The Most Merciful.

I want so much, but… what have I given?

Please soften this black heart of mine so that I can feel love, so that I can act with love, and be amongst those whom You love.


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