I say real men are not afraid to show their emotions.

I hardly cry in front of my family. It’s so rare. Very rare.

When I was doing my national service, we booked out every Friday evening and booked back in on Sunday night.

Most of the time my family or dad dropped me off at camp.

Every single time, I felt like crying. My mouth got dry, my stomach became a black pit. But I put on a cheery front, said my goodbyes and walked through the gates of my camp. Every step I took I felt alone, empty, aware of the big, cold, dead buildings around me, and my family behind me.

Not once did I cry.

Now even as I think of what’s to come, I couldn’t help but cry and cry.

I know when the time comes I’ll get over it quickly. I know the sadness will be replaced by extreme joy in a matter of seconds. I know I’ll feel okay with the distance, and be totally at ease with it.

But right now, this is real.

And right now, I want to acknowledge my feelings. I don’t want to bottle them up. I want to be free from holding back.

Maybe I can’t cry in front of them yet, but I guess we’ll see.

I am a man and I will shamelessly cry because I have real feelings for real people and that is nothing to hide, nor be ashamed of.


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