Monthly Archives: December 2015


We are never truly apart. We do our best to head towards the Light, and through that we are close.

We can haveĀ contentment and peace, because we have our Creator. He made you and i. We have Him; we have everything we need.

He is our goal, and His Beloved is the door.

This world is the result of love.

It is therefore impossible that we are truly ever apart.

redrose šŸ˜‰



When I sit to write I make sure I have my lucky jacket on. I switch on the radio to my lucky station and pull up my lucky chair. I make a cup of coffee in my lucky mug and place it on my lucky spot on the table. I put on my lucky watch, spectacles and cap and sit at the desk all the while humming my lucky tune. With all that luck flowing I open my word processing document and begin typing, sure that I’ll be productive.

Strangely though I don’t believe in luck.