Monthly Archives: January 2016


under the door
through the living room
into the keyhole
in the room

under the sheets
over the body
upon the head

into the ear

within the head

around the brain

eggs are laid.

out the nose
under the door
across the floor
outside the house

and gone. no one knows.



i wish i understand when my parents say
they love me a lot and that i should stay

i wish to weep as people do
when they realize their nightmares have come true

i wish to feel this sadness here
that they’re feeling, mixed with anger and fear

i wish i had a heart like theirs
i wish that i could be more fair


i don’t love them
i’m not sad
this is my dream
i feel nothing

i wish that this would quickly end
because i’m sick and tired of wishing



They were seated at the table, watered and fed. Laughing and joking, what a merry bunch. And then as with all magical moments, there sneakily enters a moment of silence. Hush falls, smiles stay, the air is still. 

And then someone begins weeping, quietly. Another notices, his face falls. 

In no time tears are pouring, people are sobbing, some are hugging.

It was a beautiful day full of beautiful moments with these beautiful people.

And they were happy for it, sad as well. Because after today there would be no more of this. 

After today, they would go their separate ways. A bond forged over years broken apart overnight. It was at that moment that they realized what they had gained and what they were losing. Of course they saw it coming a long time ago but now, NOW, it was finally here. It was a lot to take in. It was too much sadness to let out.

And it tore a hole in their hearts.