Ya Rasulullaah (peace be upon him)

This earth was brighter the moment you were born. Everything that was failing, tired and dull became abundant, lively and brilliant.

And when you left…

And when you left it was as if a permanent night had come upon the earth and the sun would never rise again.

Your companions didn’t know where to look, for your light use to fill every place they went, and your scent led them to you.

How. How to move on after all that beauty, mercy and gentleness they knew was taken away from them.

And what about us?

This world isn’t as bright as when you walked upon it…

But your light shines in our hearts and minds, guiding our actions and lives. In the little things we remember you; how you drank water, how you took care of your hair, the way in which you were so gentle and loving towards everybody.

So please Ya Rasulullaah, honour us with your presence when we close our eyes, and be with us while we are awake.

Please don’t let us live our lives without the blessing of having met you in our dreams.

Please don’t disappoint our hopes of seeing you when it comes time for our souls to he taken.

Please don’t leave us alone and afraid when we are in our graves.

Please look for us and smile in recognition when you see us on the Day of Standing.

And please intercede between us and our Lord when there is no intercession save from you, and when there is no Mercy or Shade except for His Mercy and Shade.

Ya Allaah, Ya Rabb, Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem, Ya Lateef, Ya Wadood, you have given us the greatest blessing which is to be the ummah of Your beloved, peace be upon him.

Please Allaah, fill our hearts with a love for him that brings us closer to you. You are our goal, Ya Rabb, and he is the door.

Ya Allaah, please send peace and blessings upon Your beloved, his family, companions and the righteous that followed after, forever and always.


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