Monthly Archives: May 2016


These things happen slowly. I reckon at first they seem to blend in with everything else, so they go under the radar. But eventually it reaches a point where small things stand out. They’re at the border of normal and weird, so no alarm bells go off.

You can’t find something. A shirt hung carelessly on a hook one night is on the floor in the morning. You thought there was more milk in the fridge but the carton is now gone.

Then things start to steadily creep into the realm of the strange, but it’s so gradual that you hesitate to jump to that conclusion. Maybe there’s a logical explanation? There must be a logical explanation.

The standing fan faces somewhere at night, and somewhere else in the morning… But hasn’t the oscillator been broken for a long time now? The kitchen light is on in the morning, but wasn’t the house in darkness just before we went to bed? The dog was beside the bed last night, but how did he get out in the morning? Weren’t the doors locked?

There must be a logical explanation… Right?

And before you know it, you’re living amidst some sort of chaos, where things don’t appear to obey natural laws and events take strange courses. Worst still, you come up with excuses for them, leave those burning questions unanswered, or simply pretend nothing is amiss.

But it will keep getting weirder.

Footsteps at night, the television on at 3 a.m., phone calls from someone (or something) that just refuses to speak when you answer. Strange packets of meat appearing in the refrigerator, someone else’s clothes in your wardrobe, all the chairs stacked on the table.

And it will get worse.

The dog goes missing. Your baby cries every night but just as you wake to check, it stops. But then you don’t have a baby.

Realise now that you MUST GET OUT. Leave, go far away, and never come back, for things will take a much darker turn before you know it.

It’s getting extremely difficult, you think you’re going mad, or is it her? Wasn’t it her fault that all these things started? And how about you, man of the house, what can you possibly do to make things better? Maybe you’re the problem.

So get out. Save yourselves. Go somewhere far, and pray, pray with all your heart, that whatever it is, is bound to the house.

And not one of you.