Help me, i’m calling out to you
You’re not doing anything,
Not cos you don’t want to;
Because you aren’t listening

You hear me,
My words not my meaning
You see me,
My being not my feelings

I’m reaching out as i slip away
You’re so near yet you don’t offer your hand
You see me falling! I know you do!
But to your understanding i’m just moving

I wish you’d open your ears,
Open your mind
And hear that i said I’m not okay
That must mean something, right?

I know you had a bad day too,
But that’s not the point
I’d listen to you complain some more,
But i’m not okay

I need help.

p.s. i had the idea for this recently but i don’t think i put the words down right. i’ll either rewrite or edit this. or not, hah. we’ll see.


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