I’ve always admired Mr Pudoski. He was the enigmatic man who owned Aleph Inc., a think-tank and business development firm.

He embodied everything the company stood for and more. What we had to do, he could do better, and did it first, so we knew what was expected. He had charming manners, excellent foresight and seemingly endless energy.

The latter was something that always fascinated me. I have witnessed him pulling insanely long shifts and leaving the office after looking as fresh as when he started. Even when I got promoted to Personal Aide to The Boss, I never once did see any sign of fatigue or… The kind of tiredness you’d expect to see when a man exits the stage and goes back to the privacy of his own room.

No, even in such informal settings, he never lost that spark in his eye. Not when he had a mountain of problems to solve, not even when the company faced the prospect of shutting down.

And then one find day, during a board meeting, one of the new members stood up and shot Mr Pudoski. The whole thing took us by a shock and surprise like no other…

…espcially when it was then that we discovered Mr Pudoski wasn’t human. Android. 

That was only the beginning of all he’ll breaking loose in the world as we knew it.


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