Monthly Archives: January 2017


I don’t miss you every day, but I think of you all the time.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there, but now you’ve left us all.

It used to be crocodile tears, but these are tears of regret.

I thought you couldn’t be replaced, but today I’m moving on.



Can you hear me? You’re looking right at me.

Do you feel me? I’m shouting out to you. 

You must miss me. I’m standing next to you.



Is a gift, death a blessing. 



I took a peek into the night 

To see the world without its light 

Of all the shadows I thought I spied

The darkest one I felt was mine 



I don’t want my people to like me or respect me or be in awe… I just need them to fear me.


I’m not afraid of any of you. I keep quiet because I would rather the noise end quick than we keep at it, because I know you won’t hold your tongue. But don’t push me because if I push back I won’t stop till you’re shredded and destroyed.

I’d hate to do that, it will cause more harm than good, so please don’t push me.


Tell your king that if he marches in to fight that none of his men will leave with their lives. But if he chooses peace then we are honoured and welcome a relationship of cooperation, and that is what I pray he chooses.

Go, with my message, but first take rest and my men will see to your comfort.


I didn’t kill him because that would have robbed me of an excellent adversary. I need him alive to keep me on my toes, to leave me no choice but to work hard to be excellent still.