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Since the day I was posted here, I’ve felt like this place was killing me.

So I killed it first.

I decided reforming it was too long and too hard of a journey, and I couldn’t guarantee good results. 

It was a secret massacre, and I came out on top. I was somehow untouchable, quietly the influencer and everyone knew at the back of their minds, though none ever said but all showed, that I was king.



Normal people abound in the day and other night. But come out very early or very late and you’ll meet the strange, the different, the uncanny.


These people work so hard for their money, at the cost of their bodies and health. So they drape themselves with expensive articles. Luxurious, rich materials and items cover sickly, weak, decaying bodies.


The man who expects problems find them waiting at every turn.


Work and some stress are to our lives what the skeleton is to the body: without them existence will have no shape nor meaning and collapse.


prcrst ntn

Government is a noble office sought after by the corrupt.


Are they discriminated against they are stupid or are they stupid because they have been discriminated against. 



“You can’t get rid of me just like that!” she screamed at him, face indignant and fists clenched.

“You can’t! I’m like… I’m like…”

“You’re like what?” his voice nearly betraying the amusement stirring within him.

“I’m like beetroot juice!!” she exploded at last. Her face flushed a hot red and she left in a huff; briskly, fists still clenched.



I know these places like the back of my hand yet I feel no connection to them.

Less than a day of being cooped up in this box and I feel like I’m fading into a bleak, black pit of nothingness. 

The future holds more worry and heartache, I’ll just have to count away days of pain and being in limbo.

I have nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to. 

The problems aren’t supposed to get less, I’m supposed to get better.

The only thing keeping me from losing it all is a deep-seated hatred and stubborn refusal to sink into the kind of worthless, meaningless existence of the rabble.



Most people aren’t bad, but that doesn’t make them good company either.


You can’t do everything at once but you can do many things over time.


Sometimes it takes a bad decision for you to realize what would’ve made a good decision; then make it.



We might be of the same height but always remember i’m taller than you.


 اين حبيبي 

في قلبي و عيني 

When you are not here

It still is like you’re near


There never was a wicked man

Whom shewn a wicked act

Did so much as bat a lid

Or raise a warning hand
Except when what took place for him

Brought memories back of someone

Or something held so dear to heart

That calmness at once fled
The murderer, his knife and hand

Stained in red of blood

Who would’ve guessed that animals

Did shake his stony heart 
Or see how when, a child was struck,

His fists clenched up in fury

The very hands that guiltily

Took someone else’s money
You see the thing with people is

Whether dark or scary

There is a spot of light within

There is, there is, there is
However dim, however small,

Or dull as it may seem,

There’s not one person on this earth

In whom no goodness sits



Did you not ask or did they not say, cos those are two different things.


I’d go home if I had one.


It’s okay to have nothing to say; silence is a perfectly acceptable response.