We might be of the same height but always remember i’m taller than you.


 اين حبيبي 

في قلبي و عيني 

When you are not here

It still is like you’re near


There never was a wicked man

Whom shewn a wicked act

Did so much as bat a lid

Or raise a warning hand
Except when what took place for him

Brought memories back of someone

Or something held so dear to heart

That calmness at once fled
The murderer, his knife and hand

Stained in red of blood

Who would’ve guessed that animals

Did shake his stony heart 
Or see how when, a child was struck,

His fists clenched up in fury

The very hands that guiltily

Took someone else’s money
You see the thing with people is

Whether dark or scary

There is a spot of light within

There is, there is, there is
However dim, however small,

Or dull as it may seem,

There’s not one person on this earth

In whom no goodness sits


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