They filled their bellies with sugar and chemicals because they could not afford real food. Some had the money but could not find real food; it seemed to make no difference. 

They hated every moment of work but instead of making it better they instead created things to look forward to. Each painful day was lived in anticipation of one sweet moment. The years flew by and they even said so with pride.

They would gather and all speak at once, no one really listening, nothing was understood. Later they would wonder why everyone didn’t receive the instructions. 

They spent good money on expensive clothes that seemed to lack in fabric whilst it hugged their bodies tight, leaving little to the imagination. It wasn’t even comfortable, yet they thought they looked good.

Health was substituted by health supplements and active wear. Service to others was replaced by coin donations. Love went away and in came electronic entertainment. Families became a collection of people who shared a dwelling space. Wisdom was lost for knowledge which was lost for information which was lost for gossip and hot air.

They were so proud of the world they had built. 

‘Look how far we’ve come,’ they said. ‘Look how much we have achieved, ‘ they said.

They were blind, and blind to their blindness. 


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