Sometimes I’m not sure if everyone is wrong or is it just me. 


Have you ever seen an elephant dancing? Me neither, but I’ve seen your (insert person) jogging.


People are like food; some are nuts.


I’m not enjoying this now but strangely I’ll later enjoy having done it.


Pray for work and work for pay.


If I could turn back time I wouldn’t. If I made a time machine I’d travel back to when I completed the plans and burn all the documents. 


Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is the comforting knowledge that someday, death will take this all away. And so I do my best to spend my life preparing for my end.


Uhibbuki wo ai ni,

Itu aku janji

Therefore laa tahzan 

I’ll stop with such poetry


Passion is what got me started, duty kept me going, and now frustration is why I’ll stop.


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