Life is just… Your brain’s response to pressure, light, electrical impulses, particles and itself.


When the extraterrestrials made contact, we were excited but apprehensive. 

When they arrived on our planet, we were too overwhelmed by the whole experience. They even came dressed in what seemed like exotic costumes, in colours we hadn’t seen and in shapes we couldn’t recreate.

Who would’ve guessed that that was their battle armour and weapon system?


The day I almost died was when I realised we aren’t truly alive. O death we met once but fleetingly, I cannot wait for your embrace.


There are no ghosts in the house. That was the guarantee and that’s what I wish to believe. Except I’m running out of logical explanations for all the crap that’s been happening and I’m this close to calling up my agent to give him an earful. Those damn ghosts don’t pay rent nor taxes so this property is definitely out of bounds. Our minister for paranormal activities didn’t do all that work for agents to be handing out guarantees willy nilly.


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