I practice excessive minimalism. 


When I was in high school we got wind of a new club… The Loners’ Club. They hung out and had events and stuff.

They weren’t really loners. They were losers, and thought the ‘loner’ label was cool. But all us real loners laughed at them from our quiet, empty corners.


The fact of life is that there are a ton of stupid people around. They just get by like moss, existing but not thriving. They earn through grinding and spend stupidly, which ironically drives our economy. 

It’s so easy to earn some money and dress like someone else that some of them think they’re more than what they really are.

There’s no shame in being a commoner but it’s disgusting to be pretentious. 

The best of the parvenu are those who learn and eventually bring more value to the table than most of those who were born into privilege. 

Stagnation and false progress are indeed our true enemies.


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