Kids are running, afraid. There’s a boy following behind, screaming and his eyes are wide open, stick in hand. He would be silent every few seconds, but the screaming always continued. Loud and terrifying.

Flashback to an hour ago when the boy first showed up; he was normal and happy.

Back to the present; a man appears out of nowhere with a gun and presses it to the boy’s belly, telling him to shut up. The shock of the encounter snaps the boy out of his episode and he starts stuttering something. The man shoots anyway and the boy falls, eyes open.

Zoom in to the eyes. There are knives and blades brought close, the eye is wide and fearful.

Sudden zoom out, knives disappear. There’s a man. He’s weak, and calling for help.

The scene is a lab or clinic of sorts. A woman comes in dragging a thick plastic bodybag, except that it’s open and a living man is inside. Barely alive, actually.

She rests the edge she was pulling and yellow-orange fluid spills out of the bag as the material settles. She runs to the doctor or staff, can’t tell who they are. Please, you have to help my husband. I found him at location 1044.

1044? But that hospital was overcome by madness! You can’t be serious!

He looks at the woman and her dying husband, obviously reluctant to do anything.

The woman bends over the table beside her, exhausted, cradling her head. Sad, tired, helpless.

I just… i was hoping… she sobs.

She is silent and completely still.
Suddenly, and with a loud cracking, several black splotches appear on her back. Then again, and just as her body begins to twist and contort almost as if about to explode, the camera hastily exits the room.


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