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Allaah took the friends who were near me and put them far away so that I would feel lonely, and through that, seek Him. And through that, realize that He is close and has always been, and will always be.


They say the bad boys sit at the back of the bus, but they’re not really bad. They’re just cool like that.


Uncle was my neighbour and he was a very nice man. When I was a teen I realized he was am esteemed and well respected man who always could somehow see through you and speak of whatever was in your heart. It never felt weird or scary, but was something you kinda only felt when you looked back at the memory.

When I was a young man I finally understood fully what my father meant all these years when he would tell me that Uncle was a Wali.

One day I plucked up the courage and went to speak to Uncle. I wanted to know how he became a Wali.

He looked at me with his warm, friendly eyes, and said words I will never forget:

‘I didn’t look even though I wanted to look, and for that Allaah opened my eyes.’

I understood him then but the words sink deeper into me every time I find myself staring at what I should be averting my gaze from.

The more I lowered my gaze, the louder his words sounded in my head. I am still weak, still trying and failing, but God willing I’ll never stop because now I have hope.


Wha woul i b lik t writ word withou thei las letter. Wha coul tha tel u abou ho ou brain proces readin? An wha abou acros language?


Cain went right up to Harvey and in a voice that was unnervingly calm, said:

‘Take off your glasses and defend yourself,’

Harvey’s anger gave way to brief confusion.


‘I said take off your glasses and defend yourself, because I’m about to beat the crap out of you,’

Harvey was thoroughly confused yet seemed to belief what the other was saying.

‘Come on man that’s rubbish man, get away from me man,’

Cain persisted, still calm, while Malcolm tried to wriggle away.

Then in one smooth movement Cain pulled out Harvey’s glasses and tossed them aside, pushed the guy back and then went right back in, fists now up and pummelling the other. He was so fast, persistent and ruthless that Harvey fell into a curled position.

That was his cue to stop and Cain just walked away.



Some people need to swing like a pendulum before they settle firmly upon the middle path.


I said think rationally, not think like a machine.


Good Sir I think before you make a big mistake, I suggest you stop right there. I want you to know very well that I will not tolerate any such nonsense henceforth. I will take drastic action should you fail to heed my warning. Sure, I might get thrown in jail or lose my job, but that’s temporary. The time will pass and work is always to be had, and I’ll be a happy man. But you Sir, won’t be so lucky. Every time you stare at your broken face in the mirror, all you can think of is me. My ghost will haunt you in your own reflection.

Take heed, or so heaven help me I will prove to you definitively that I am a man of my words.



He lived to the ripe old age of Nothing. He mattered no more and nobody wanted him, not even himself.


The red of my blood runs deep in your veins.


Hayy, Ilm, Iradah, Qudrah, Basar, Sama’, Kalam
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