Technological advancements always eventually spillover into transportation. Somehow quantum processors were integrated into nationwide transport systems, improving the flow and movement of traffic. Needless to say vehicles became more efficient and ‘safer’ in a sense.

Whilst travel times did drop, we thought we would do so much more. And we did, although not as much as expected. History was a teacher that never was wrong.

And when instant transmission first entered the market, it kicked up a storm. The world had to prepare itself for a major disruption in how we thought about traveling. For awhile it did seem like everything else would become redundant, but of course not. Older, less efficient forms of transportation hung around merely because people enjoyed the visceral experience of moving their bodies across vast distances by air, land or sea.

Much later, when the technology was much more stable and roared upon the world with full force, instant transmission was thought to have ushered in a new age. Thinkers and influencers went on and on about how the introduction of the first domestic-use devices would revolutionize even the way we think about time. Meetings would start earlier because everyone would be early! Just a press of the button and you’d be there, what reason was there to be late?

Alas the historians and human psychologists were not surprised when things largely remained the same. People were still late, time was still wasted, and everything became routine.

Alas when it came to ‘progress’, it was very much a human concept and we were the only ones who bothered with it, defined it, then tracked it. No surprise then that we are both its catalyst and weakest link.


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