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The past is present
In all of our memories;
The future must wait.


Who am i to you?
A friend, companion, partner?
Perhaps a stranger.


I have gained nothing
Yet have lost so much; at least
Please save me from hell


Seven years ago
You brought light into my life.
My child. I miss you.


How do i write of
Anything else when all that
I can feel is pain


I never asked for
All this yet this is all i
Have when will it end


I should have hit you
Made you feel the pain i felt
But you’re in my head


I woke up today
Thinking about yesterday
And what’s for breakfast


When you look at me
I get this powerful sense
You’re looking at me


We spend all our lives
Wanting to be a part of
Something big; how sad


Time only stands still
When you forget about it
And it forgets you


It’s good to be sad
You get to write more haikus
Than when you’re happy



1: Hey. Brad. Let’s play a game. Pick a finger.

2: What for?

1: I need someone to go with to the show.

2: And you’re undecided?

1: Yep. Ok so which will it be, pick one.

2: Alright. *chooses the index finger*

1: Index. Tracey. Hmm… Nahh. Tracey’s too talkative. Pick another one.

2: Dude! There’s only one finger left!

1: I know I know but you gotta pick it, it’s a game.

2: ?! Fine. There. *touches the other finger*

1: Hmm, Amber. Nahh. She’s too quiet. Geez man you suck at this game.

2: Wh-?!?!



  • isolated places
  • contorting features
  • darkness
  • children acting strange
  • sleepwalking
  • appearance of strange objects at the weirdest of places and times
  • shadows
  • trances
  • unexplained/strange noises, sometimes loud, sometimes prolonged
  • moving, shaking or rotating things
  • rearranged objects
  • upside-down things
  • weird things coming out of the body
  • behaving out of character
  • some feature missing or out of place and when you realize it, your blood turns to ice
  • distorted voices
  • unnaturally wide smiles or other features
  • unnatural casualness in an emergency
  • grossly-deformed things, some that talk
  • out of place things, like a statue emerging from water
  • inhuman abilities
  • strange writings
  • insects in food
  • weird footprints, sometimes in weird places like on the wall and ceiling
  • all the signs that there is someone else in the house, but you can’t see them
  • animals acting strangely
  • water/slime from nowhere
  • echoes that you could swear sound like voices
  • people muttering strange things
  • madness
  • poor lighting
  • quietness
  • mercilessness
  • innocent people victimized
  • weird drawings
  • wide eyes
  • dead animals
  • corpses, sometimes in weird positions, sometimes in weird places
  • blood trails
  • close escapes
  • scary mutants
  • self-injury
  • birthmarks
  • unexpected cruelty
  • tragic deaths
  • no answers
  • stuff caught on tape
  • talking toys/dolls/mannequins
  • sudden change in voice
  • unexpected/sudden bleeding
  • strange transformations
  • weird character-types
  • seeing things you’re not supposed to see
  • not seeing something everyone else can
  • stumbling upon something weird
  • weird ways of moving
  • catching something at the corner of your vision
  • waking up somewhere else
  • suddenly falling
  • getting up with a scary injury
  • waking up in a weird position
  • singing
  • veins appearing in strange places
  • sentient computers
  • stuff in jars
  • breaking into a madman’s house
  • unearthed coffins
  • moving dead
  • corpse made to talk/walk/move
  • quiet hospitals/asylums/factories/buildings


My dearest friend,
I pray this finds you well.
I know of a place that you might like;
It is truly wondrous.

This garden.
Have you heard of it?
I doubt so.

The grass is greener and the air cleaner
With none to spoil nature’s design
It’s alluring, tempting, to pay a visit
Yet no people are in sight
Where have they gone?
Do the animals hide?
Nay, this is how it has always been
It is, my friend,
The garden of the dead

Step forth,
And there you’ll remain
A permanent resident,
Of a most precious Kingdom.
I’ll meet you there; when you’re ready.
In case you haven’t heard the news,
I am already dead,
My dearest friend.



‘You remember i told you my dad was sick?’


‘It doesn’t seem to be getting better. And now my sister might have to go abroad for work so it’s just my mom to take care of him. But it’s okay, we can still pull through, there’s too much to be grateful for,’

Greyson held his friend’s shoulder, and for a long moment just looked into his friend’s eyes. There was nothing he could say, he just kept nodding small nods, but his eyes conveyed what his heart felt. Then he squeezed his hand and let it drop.

‘The car’s approaching. I see it. You ready?’


Their expressions turned to stone once more and Troy checked his watch as the car pulled up and the driver stepped out, followed by his passenger.

‘Gentlemen, on time as usual. You two got everything?’

The two men nodded and the four of them turned to enter the building.


In some ways death is better than growing apart, because with the first you know there is no chance at all of reliving the past. But when the friends you spent years with grow up and move on with life, and you meet again, there is that sliver of hope that things would go back to the way they used to. You’d stay late with them, head home together, hang out some weekends, do stuff together, always know what went on in one another’s lives.

But that’s all gone. Their priorities have changed, they have new people in their lives and heck, they might not even miss the old days as much as you do.

The hope is dashed, you savour this fleeting moment when they are all still comfortable seated around here and not ready to rush off somewhere. Or at least you hope that’s what they’re feeling.

Then you are faced with disappointment when you look at them closely and see they’re not the people they used to be. Some of them smoke now, a few have put on too many pounds, one has too many piercings, a couple of them might be balding, and you wonder how they see you.

It’s never going to be the same again. You will always have moments of hope that will inevitably end in massive disappointment, you will be lifted high only to be slammed down again, and perhaps once, just once, you wonder… Would it all be better if they just died? That way you could mourn the loss and it would stay that way, forever and ever, until it was your turn to go. Consistency, predictability, and a clear purpose. My friends are dead, i will pray for them, i will visit their graves, and that is the cycle. They aren’t coming back, but i’ll join them one day. Soon.

You won’t be wrong to conclude that sometimes death improves the quality of our relationships, or at least our perceived satisfaction from it.



I stay up late as a rebellion, I’m silently screaming at them THIS IS HOW I CONTROL MY TIME, YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME HERE. I dread each passing second as it brings me closer to tomorrow, and I’m tired and drained I want to sleep but I want my time.

Finally I must go and in a flash my eyes are open and it’s a new day. I don’t want to wake up but I must, and the drudgery continues. Even the weekends have lost their solace, and now the holidays seem like a slightly extended pause before it all starts again.

I would say to then kindly, to shove it up the other side, but the only thing keeping me back is the looming hammer above my head and back. One wrong move and I’ll have to give out more than I have, thereby destroying everything else in the process.

Will I come out of this wiser or just lost?



When you see me walking in the rain, pause and wonder if the water on my face is from the sky or my eyes.


I smile at you because I have nobody to scream to but myself.


I wish to travel

Back to when things were simpler

And there was food on the table

Life is easy under someone else’s roof;

What a parasite I was.



Two years

Is a

Long time

To waste

On a

Thing that

Will end

So go

When the

Time comes

Don’t turn

Look straight

Move on

Next gig


Start fresh

Don’t make

The same mistake all over again you stupid