I stay up late as a rebellion, I’m silently screaming at them THIS IS HOW I CONTROL MY TIME, YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME HERE. I dread each passing second as it brings me closer to tomorrow, and I’m tired and drained I want to sleep but I want my time.

Finally I must go and in a flash my eyes are open and it’s a new day. I don’t want to wake up but I must, and the drudgery continues. Even the weekends have lost their solace, and now the holidays seem like a slightly extended pause before it all starts again.

I would say to then kindly, to shove it up the other side, but the only thing keeping me back is the looming hammer above my head and back. One wrong move and I’ll have to give out more than I have, thereby destroying everything else in the process.

Will I come out of this wiser or just lost?


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