• isolated places
  • contorting features
  • darkness
  • children acting strange
  • sleepwalking
  • appearance of strange objects at the weirdest of places and times
  • shadows
  • trances
  • unexplained/strange noises, sometimes loud, sometimes prolonged
  • moving, shaking or rotating things
  • rearranged objects
  • upside-down things
  • weird things coming out of the body
  • behaving out of character
  • some feature missing or out of place and when you realize it, your blood turns to ice
  • distorted voices
  • unnaturally wide smiles or other features
  • unnatural casualness in an emergency
  • grossly-deformed things, some that talk
  • out of place things, like a statue emerging from water
  • inhuman abilities
  • strange writings
  • insects in food
  • weird footprints, sometimes in weird places like on the wall and ceiling
  • all the signs that there is someone else in the house, but you can’t see them
  • animals acting strangely
  • water/slime from nowhere
  • echoes that you could swear sound like voices
  • people muttering strange things
  • madness
  • poor lighting
  • quietness
  • mercilessness
  • innocent people victimized
  • weird drawings
  • wide eyes
  • dead animals
  • corpses, sometimes in weird positions, sometimes in weird places
  • blood trails
  • close escapes
  • scary mutants
  • self-injury
  • birthmarks
  • unexpected cruelty
  • tragic deaths
  • no answers
  • stuff caught on tape
  • talking toys/dolls/mannequins
  • sudden change in voice
  • unexpected/sudden bleeding
  • strange transformations
  • weird character-types
  • seeing things you’re not supposed to see
  • not seeing something everyone else can
  • stumbling upon something weird
  • weird ways of moving
  • catching something at the corner of your vision
  • waking up somewhere else
  • suddenly falling
  • getting up with a scary injury
  • waking up in a weird position
  • singing
  • veins appearing in strange places
  • sentient computers
  • stuff in jars
  • breaking into a madman’s house
  • unearthed coffins
  • moving dead
  • corpse made to talk/walk/move
  • quiet hospitals/asylums/factories/buildings

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