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A team is like a house: all the parts are of equal importance, but when assembled some must go up and so we down.

Without the roof the house is not protected from the elements.

No proper floor and even standing can be unpleasant.

Take away the walls and the structure collapses.

Therefore leadership and servitude are merely different tasks, independent of rank. Hierarchy aids in the function and does not mean someone is better than the other.

Respect, togetherness and humility are essential.






The days are longer

The sun is hotter

Yet i am happier


I never expected you to do this,

My son,

But you made a good decision


I don’t see myself getting old

But i see myself with you till my last day



I’m sorry, dear grandmother. I lied to you. I haven’t been out in the sun much more than i normally do. I’m darker not because of being outdoors, but because of my sins. They have cast a darkness upon my face and my heart.

I must clean myself of this filth.


My wife is out tonight on a work trip. She’ll only be back the day after. As i reach to unlock the door i can already hear our cat meowing loudly. The moment i step into the house she headbutts my leg again and again, purring so loudly i can hear it. I pick her up and ask how her day has been, as i head to the kitchen. I switch on the tap for her to drink from and head to the master bedroom to change out.

As i undress, i happen to look in the direction of the bed.

Somebody is in our bed. Covered entirely in the blanket.

I freeze, my mind spinning. Did my wife come home? Was her trip cancelled? Something doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s just the bolster? That looks human enough when you cover it up. But she wouldn’t do such a thing, that’s just silly.

Barely a moment later there is movement. Whatever is on the bed, it turns, and as soon as i get a glimpse of what it is i scream and run the hell away.


He runs a hand through his hair as he takes in a deep breath, and in that moment that his eyes are slightly closed, i see it for the first time: he’s exhausted, like all of us, but he’s never showed it.

He breaks into a half-smile complete with half-squint and says the one thing we’ve all been dreading to hear.

‘We need to take it apart and start from the beginning. Time for it to get reborn!’



There was a tub at the corner of the room. Inside, a body slowly dissolved in an acid bath.


He retched but held up his hand, signalling for us to stay back. Staggering, you could see it on his face that he was doing his best not to throw up, and to finish the fight. Then without warning, he lurched forward and a spray of blood and vomit shot out of his mouth, covering the enemy soldier who fell back in shock.


The thing slithered across the room, effortlessly slicing through the bodies strewn about; their eyes rolling up as death overcame them, the pain too severe to even utter a sound.


He looked at me hard, but his mind was elsewhere. I could see him clenching and unclenching his jaw. Then he let out a big sigh, shook his head and turned to go.

‘Damn this, damn this all to hell!’ came his voice as he walked away, beckoning us to follow.


There was no way the boy could have seen the blade flying towards him, and it embedded itself squarely in the middle of his throat. His eyes bulged in shock as he looked down at himself, blood now gushing from his mouth. He was already on the ground as he tugged at the knife and it came out with a sickening sound. As more blood spurted forth, he flailed and clawed at his neck as he made wet gurgling noises and the blood from the wound frothed. In a matter of moments his carcass lay still in a pool of his own blood, the face twisted in agony and his pants soiled. I cussed as i looked away, feeling once again that i was getting too soft for the job.


1 – Hi Mr Weatherby, this is Shane’s dad.

2 – Hello, how can i help you?

1 – My son came back today and i noticed his notebook was torn.

2 – That is correct, i am aware of it.

1 – What the hell happened?

2 – *pauses* Could you rephrase that, please

1 – No i won’t, what the hell happened, why is his book torn.

2 – Well did you ask him?

1 – What? I – you should’ve called me! It’s your job! What kind of a teach-

2 – *authoritative* STOP right there. Firstly, your son is capable of speaking. He’s a really confident speaker, thinks quickly on his feet and in fact, has a problem shutting the hell up.

1 – *angry* How da-!!

2 – *louder* SECONDLY, why on earth would i have called you? What the hell were you gonna do about it? Rush over and check on his notebook? Hug and comfort your boy because his poow widduw nowtbuk is wipped?

1 – *furious* YOU WATCH- !

2 – *louder still* I’VE HAD enough of your shenanigans, Mr Lawson, and i suggest you start getting your act together before i am forced to teach YOU how to behave like a decent human being. Do you understand?

1 – *raging* WHO DO Y- !

2 – *off-the-hooks marine-instructor mad* DO! YOU! UNDERSTAND!!!

1 – *slightly confused but still a little hot* Yes! Yes! Goddammit.

2 – *matter of fact, devoid of anger* Well good. As for the notebook, I already gave Shane a new one. He brought back the old one because he liked it too much to throw it away. Is there anything else i can help you with?

1 – Uh. N-no, that’s all actually.

2 – *cheerful* Well excellent. Thanks for your call, Mr Lawson, you have a great day ahead.



I don’t like to whine

But this is a stupid job

Stupid stupid job


I don’t want to be

Ungrateful but I

Am not enjoying myself


If you were a person,

I’d hit you and choke you out

Break your bones and stomp on your stomach

You take us away from each other

Add misery and stress

And in the end leave us,

Tired and jaded,

Most of our time wasted

Then happily you turn to the young ones

To take our place

At least you paid us well

To be fair you’re not cruel to all


But I want out, NOW