A scientist invents something inanimate but it seems so life-like. He doesn’t realize his child somehow got trapped in it.


I find that a bald person makes me think of how fragile the head is. In actual fact, the whole human body is fragile.


Who is worse? The one who is oblivious to his surroundings and so misses a chance to do good, or the one who starts, hesitates, then abandons the good deed.


Is something still oppressive if you find out it actually benefits you? How do you weigh long term goodness against short-term discomfort.


Existence is three dimensional or more. Two and one dimensions are mental constructs and make sense as ideas, but are not a natural part of this world. For example, we can imagine superluminary speeds, time travel, aliens, cosmic beings and so on, but that does not make them real.


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