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He came right up to me, his face red and shiny, eyes bulging.

“Go on punk, take a swing, you useless thing. COME ON! HIT ME!”

I was raging, I heard nothing but his voice, and my hands felt light. My fists were clenched tightly, begging to be slammed into that annoying face.

And then I sighed, and all the anger flowed up as though a stopper was pulled.

“No, I won’t. I taught your daughter even before I knew who she was. She’s an absolute darling. It’d break her heart to see her father injured. So for her sake… No. You can take your fight elsewhere…”

There was nothing left for me there, so I simply turned and left. He stood there with his eyes wide open and although his lips were tight, you could see a lot of the anger had left him too.

It could’ve gotten real ugly real fast, but honestly I think neither of us regret not having taken it all the way.

Things became awkward for a bit, but he had to get used to the fact that I absolutely adored his little girl, even though I was now at loggerheads with her father.

And it took us some time, but here we are now, everything all cleared up. We can laugh about that day now, sure, and I don’t feel any more anger or resentment towards him; it’s just shame that’s left.


I might be getting used to it

Jumping from one hell to another

Leaving each before I reach

The point of no return

I’ve got no home

No friends, no love

Just the stress of having

To always leap

And one fine day

I’ll jump my last

Squarely into my grave

So perfectly cut, I’ll snugly fit

And finally fall asleep


Who do you

Think you are

Walking round

Head so high

Just a punch


And you’ll come

Tumbling down

Fats and all

Broken bones

Let me please

Hit your face

Please, I say

Let me just

Sink your goddamn corpse into the ground