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Some people treat us with respect and honour. Don’t be quick to attribute it to some greatness in yourself, for it might just be a sign of their excellent character instead.


We have today people who’s minds are so blunt and limp that no longer can we rely on teaching lessons through stories and implied meanings. They need things spelt out clearly, if not to see it then to prevent them from misinterpreting and taking offence – which they are wont to do.


A few thousand years from now, someone on a distant planet will look to their sky and notice this bright spot of light, that was once my home.


If you must go then go, but if you must stay then know that you will never be able to leave.


Seek for me where people don’t go. There you will find me, slowly dying, with grace.


I’m not ready for death but i don’t yet know how to live.


How do you send your own son to the gallows, when every time you look upon his face you see only the innocent face of a babe who used to hold on to you for dear life.


Some people are quiet because they are thinking, but there are a few who must remain so because they have already thought, but cannot bear to burden others with the understandings they have arrived at.

:: angles


We kept reaching into the void, and it was inevitable that we would keep finding more. It was never enough. A thousand stars and we kept invading, consuming, raping and disrespecting. Alien skies and foreign lands lost their awe.

And even after a multitude of generations, of different adaptations and physical features, we still found ourselves united by the same greed to devour even more.

:: space walk


I’m wise enough to know I’m a fool,

Yet too weak… Perhaps afraid,

To do anything about it.

“What do you seek?” I ask myself.

I’m still waiting for a reply.

So for now I go to work,

Earn some money to fund my state of limbo when I’m not at work.

At least I don’t have to worry about the bills as I lay staring at the ceiling.

It’s really quite a beautiful life if you look at it from the right angle.

:: tangled